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Site FAQ's

Free Listing?
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Free Listing?

Your right! There aren't many times that you get offered something for nothing! Well, you may not have to pay for it but it's not really for nothing - you have to become a member :)

All members get 1 free listing!

Do I have to register?
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Do I have to register?

Yes, all advertisers must register prior to placing a listing.

How do I register?
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How do I register?

Easy, either click on the small button on the right hand side of your browser - login button blue


click on the top menu - Site/Register

REMEMBER - Make sure you fill out all of the required boxes!

You will receive an email to confirm your email address. Click in the link or paste the link into your browser address bar.

Once you have confirmed your email address you can login and place you listings!

Listing Plans
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Listing Plans

All new members can choose whether they wish to join "Sellers" or "Business" plans during the registration process. Just select your option from the "Drop Down" when registering. All new members receive a FREE Listing.

The Plans page gives you information relative to each of RV Traders listing plans. It shows what plans are available and what options are in each of the plans including the cost of each plan and optional listing styles.

If you plan to place lots of additional listings you'll need to join the Business plan which will give you the option to place an unlimited amount of paid listings online much cheaper than the "Seller Plan".

Which Plan should I choose?

Seller Plan: 1 Free listing. Access is free and you may purchase additional lsitings.

Business Plan: 1 Free listing, You must purchase access (1 off) and additional listings will be cheaper per listing than on the "Seller Plan"

Does my listing really need an image?
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Does my listing really need an image?

 IMAGES - I know you've heard it before and here it is again "A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS!"

You only need to post an image if you are really serious about selling your bike!

Imagine if every catalogue or flyer that arrived in your letterbox only had descriptions and no images . . .  would you read through them or just throw them in the bin? Chances are the first time you received it you might read a few items on the way to the front door and then into the bin it goes!.

Seriously, I dont even look at listings if they havent got an image to show me the motorcycle. If the advertiser doesnt have enough time (like not even ten minutes) to show you what he's trying sell, then I dont have the time to read about it - chances are the listing wont have a decent description anyway.

So, do yourself a big favor, even if it's just one image to get potential customers interested! Get over your laziness and get your piccie online now - especially when it doesnt cost you!

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